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Pendleton Big Medicine - Oxford

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The Pendleton Big Medicine blanket honors the importance of the legend of the white buffalo. Once in every 10 million years a white buffalo is born. In 1933, a white buffalo was born on the Flathead Reservation in Western Montana. The buffalo was called Big Medicine" to reflect its sacred power. The white buffalo named Big Medicine was thought, by many Native American People, to be the fullfillment of an ancient prophecy signaling a new beginning for the people of Mother Earth. The oral traditions spoke of a coming herd of pure White Buffalo. The Big Medicine blanket has seven buffalo representing the seven directions of Native lore: North, South, East, West, Above, Below and Within. These seven directions represent the wholeness for mankind and the earth. the prayer pipes symbolize Mankinds communication with the Great Creator. The four hands within the circle of life represent the multiethnicity of the people throughout the world and the new beginning promised by the birth of the white buffalo. The Big Medicine blanket incorporates shades of brown and green reflecting the natural beauty of Mother Earth.